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Dr. Allison Dasta Butler

Dr. Allison Dasta Butler was born in Buffalo, New York and moved to Orange Park, Florida in 1976 at age 2. She remained a life-long resident and attended Mountclair Elementary, Lakeside Junior High School, and Orange Park High School where she finished in the top 5% of her class. Her leadership roles included junior and senior class president, marching band drum major, and the National Honor Society. In 1992 she matriculated into the premedical program at the University of Florida, where she graduated with honors in Neuroscience and Nutrition.

Upon completing her undergraduate work, Dr. Butler moved to a third world country to study medicine for two years. Her medical education first began in the Caribbean nations of St. Vincent and Grenada, where she studied the hardships of providing quality care to third world nations. Clinical medicine proved challenging as she learned the misappropriation of healthcare and its ill-effects on the nation’s people. To overcome these barriers of healthcare, Dr. Butler turned to her clinical acumen for diagnosis and relied less on expensive testing otherwise available to wealthier nations. The physical exam became vital to patient care and an integral attribute she would later draw upon to become a family physician.